Swarthmore Listings Needed!

How nice that you found my blog!  If you are reading this I assume that you are hoping to buy or sell a home in the community sometime soon.

The good news is that here in Swarthmore, single family homes with certain features are selling very quickly.  D. Patrick Welsh is officially searching for sellers as our inventory is nearly sold out.  This is a refreshing dilemma after the years of recession, and we are certainly feeling cheerfully adaptable!

In other news, the Fourth of July activities in Swarthmore will be in full swing this year beginning at 8:15am with bike races for children ages 4 and up, a performance of the Silver Dollar Band, the Lion’s Club children’s parade and activities galore!  For more information please check out this week’s issue of the Swarthmorean, which also features great summer reading lists from some of our most illustrious citizens!

Swarthmore College is offering a free tour of the green roofs on campus at 4pm tomorrow, June 30th!  Meet at the Scott Arboretum Offices on College Avenue and be prepared to walk and climb!  (Sorry – no children under age 12 permitted for this tour!)

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