Marty Snyder of AES Environmental prepares to inspect a home

Home inspections are very important, but did you know that other inspections are often helpful in determining whether the home you are buying might have defects?  In addition to a home inspection and a termite inspection we typically recommend a radon inspection when purchasing a house.  Your home inspector may also recommend environmental testing (pictured is Murray Snyder, of AES Environmental), a roof inspection, or evaluation by an HVAC, electrician, or other professional.  When budgeting for inspections it is best to assume that the total cost of inspections for a house that is up to 2,500 square feet in size may be about $1,000 and then add another $500 for each additional 1,000sft of house.  If extremely specialized inspections are required the cost may be even higher.  However, the peace of mind of having as thorough as possible a knowledge of the real estate you are about to invest in is invaluable!

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