Best Local Yard Sale!

You probably can’t see it – but the banner says the Rutledge Community Yard Sale is scheduled for September 8th!

It’s that time of year again!  Rutledge Borough is hosting the annual Community Yard Sale on Saturday, September 8th!  Score a great deal on toys, books, and assorted goods!  The borough is 4 blocks by 4 blocks – all level with sidewalks , so it’s a fun opportunity to walk the town even with small children or a big stroller!

Rutledge Borough is known to insiders as “The Best Kept Secret in Delaware County” – this tiny borough has beautiful Victorian architecture, great Wallingford-Swarthmore schools, sidewalks, a park/playground, and very attractive taxes! See the Rutledge info on the “What’s It Like?” tab of this website!

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