Swarthmore Inventory (and Guess-the-Address contest!)

The theme of this spring’s market in Swarthmore has been low inventory.  As I look at my list of clients, the buyer side is long and the seller side is short!  There is a particular lack of inventory in the crucial $350,000 to $450,000 range where so many of our buyers are hoping to invest.

This makes me particularly excited to present a new listing in Swarthmore Borough!  This four bedroom, two bath house will be listed under $450,000 and features all the classic Swarthmore charm as well as comforts like Central Air and an attached garage!

As my sellers prepare their home for showings I will be up to my usual high jinks teasing you all with details!  You know the drill, if you are the first to guess the address of this property I will buy you a one year subscription to The Swarthmorean Newspaper!

Without further ado, here is your first clue:

A brand- new roof will please your brain,

And to please your heart: a weathervane!



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2 responses to “Swarthmore Inventory (and Guess-the-Address contest!)

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