New Guess-the-Address Contest Clue #4!

This will be the final clue to help you guess the address of my new Scots Glen listing before the address is revealed tomorrow night!  Visit the other clues to help you sort it out: Clue #1, Clue #2, Clue #3!  Scots Glen is a famously great walking neighborhood – so I’m sure lots of residents could identify this home from their daily strolls!

You know the drill, I will buy a one-year subscription to The Swarthmorean Newspaper for the first person to guess the correct address of this home before I reveal it on my site tomorrow night!

You’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again,

It’s a 5 bedroom colonial in Scots Glen!

Here’s one last clue, so scratch your head,

In the backyard is “Pop Pop’s Shed”!

16 shed

The little sign under the window reads “Pop Pop’s Shed”! You can see this shed from the front yard.

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