What IS downsizing?

A  young couple (or sometimes a singleton) decides to make a first investment, calls the Realtor and purchases a modest home.  Greater resources and a larger family command a larger home and investment, and so where is that Realtor’s card?  The flowers bloom in springtime, the sun beats down in summer, we rake the fall leaves, we shovel the snow, another year passes. Renovate the kitchen, paint the porch, replace the heater, paint the porch, replace the roof, paint the porch again, replace the central air compressor!  Suddenly there are no more tuition bills to pay and do we REALLY want to paint the porch again? Can’t the next family do that? Can’t we travel?  Or spend the money on books and art?

But where do you keep your books and art if you DOWNSIZE?

And where will we have Thanksgiving?

And how do I live without a driveway? And where do we put houseguests?

And isn’t there a way to downsize responsibilities without losing any space?????


Welcome to the Penthouse…  

Two stories, 2,585 square feet, full dining room, full kitchen, no yard – but walls of floor-to-ceiling windows bring the woods and sky right into the house!  Big enough for professional entertaining – intimate enough to escape from the world.  Carport, storage unit, elevator, pool, bike storage, van service, community room, library, 2 blocks from SEPTA, campus and downtown Swarthmore…

Welcome home!

5.1 DR

Unit #1201 – Does this look like a downsize?

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