More on “A restoration in Swarthmore”…

As you know from my previous blog post here I am following the restoration of 12 S. Swarthmore  (known as The Mansion of the Cresson Family Farm) with great interest!

The Swarthmorean published this amazing old photo of 12 S.Swarthmore Avenue yesterday!

12 S. Swarthmore (old pic)

I have learned that this half of the house was actually built circa 1830 as an addition to the other half of the twin!

I sold the former tenant farmhouse (37 Amherst Avenue) referred to in the above article back in 2006.  I will never forget the open house at that property – all of Swarthmore came out to salute a piece of our history!  Charles Cresson had donated priceless family images for us to display at the property.  Here is one of them. Keep in mind that this house is now in the middle of the block on Amherst Avenue!

37 Amherst

The Tenant Farmhouse – Photo courtesy of Charles Cresson

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