A New Guess-the-Address Contest (7/16//13)

I’m very excited to be marketing a new listing in the rare $200,000-$250,000 range in Swarthmore community.  This home offers all the perks of the Swarthmore location, but features Springfield schools and taxes!  (Its ideal location is just  a few blocks from downtown Swarthmore- with a total annual tax bill under $5,000!)  These homes are hard to find – and for anyone looking to live in the community without utilizing the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District they are a treasure.

As my sellers prepare their home for showings I will pass the time by releasing clues.  We are still several weeks out from our first showing – so this will be a slow burn!

You know the drill, if you are the first to guess the address of this property before I reveal its identity on my site I will buy you a one year subscription to The Swarthmorean Newspaper!

Here is your first clue:

Somewhere near the Swarthmore Pool

(In Swarthmore community & Springfield schools)

Is a cozy home you’ll want to see,

And in the front yard is this leafy tree…


Do you recognize this tree? There may be other clues in the picture…



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2 responses to “A New Guess-the-Address Contest (7/16//13)

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