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Summer’s End

It felt like a quick summer in Swarthmore this year: children dashing past the office with the first of the Baskin Robbins ice cream cones, the 4th of July decorations going up and the magnificent parade, the return of the Farmers Market, Co-op cookouts, First Fridays, the Puppet Festival.

Suddenly this week the 4th of July flair disappeared from downtown. The blooms in the big planters are beginning to fade. The evenings are cooler.  It’s hard to say good-bye to summer but we have so much to look forward to this fall!

Summer's end

The last of summer’s bright plumage leads the way to the Swarthmore train station.

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The Puppets are Here!

1 a puppet

The Puppet Parade in Swarthmore!

This week the streets and shops have been more colorful than usual and there have been a few new faces (some have been fuzzy or feathered or even wooden) in town!  The Parade of the Puppets marched right past the D. Patrick Welsh office in Swarthmore this afternoon.  I had to document the levity for you!

1 b puppet

1 c puppet 1 d puppet 1 f puppet 1 g puppet 1 h puppet 1 i puppet 1 j puppet 1 k puppet 1 l puppet 1 Puppet 2 Puppet 3 a puppet3 Puppet

A witch approaches…

4 Puppet

“Children, would  you like to visit my gingerbread house?”5 Puppet 6 Puppet

Here’s hoping the puppets come back soon!

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More thoughts on “A Restoration in Swarthmore”

This week’s Swarthmorean newspaper has a wonderful paragraph in the “Briefly Noted” section about Ezra T. Cresson, Sr. – the founder of the American Entomological Society.  He lived in the Cresson family farmhouse – part of the gentleman’s farm that included the mansion now being restored at Dartmouth and Swarthmore.  The Swarthmorean also printed this photo of the family, which Charles Cresson kindly shared with me when I marketed the tenant farmhouse.  Ezra T. Cresson, Sr. is at the center of the photo with his wife, Mary, and surrounded by their children, spouses and grandchildren. Be sure to pick up this week’s issue of the Swarthmorean to read more about this remarkable man.


Photo courtesy of Charles Cresson


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Clue #3 in the Guess-the-Address Contest! (of 7/16/13)

Our new listing in the $200,000 to $250,000 range in the Swarthmore Community is almost ready!  While my sellers complete preparations, I’m teasing you all with clues.  (The first two are here and here!)  You know the drill: The first of you to guess the correct address of this home before it is announced on this site wins a one-year subscription to The Swarthmorean newspaper!

Here is Clue #3:

This gem of a home is in a perfect location,

Just a few blocks from the Swarthmore station,

With a small garden bed where a cucumber is hiding,

A two-year old roof & two-year old siding!

Look at that crisp white siding!

Look at that crisp white siding!

Can you find the hidden cucumber?

Can you find the hidden cucumber?

Happy guessing!


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