The Puppets are Here!

1 a puppet

The Puppet Parade in Swarthmore!

This week the streets and shops have been more colorful than usual and there have been a few new faces (some have been fuzzy or feathered or even wooden) in town!  The Parade of the Puppets marched right past the D. Patrick Welsh office in Swarthmore this afternoon.  I had to document the levity for you!

1 b puppet

1 c puppet 1 d puppet 1 f puppet 1 g puppet 1 h puppet 1 i puppet 1 j puppet 1 k puppet 1 l puppet 1 Puppet 2 Puppet 3 a puppet3 Puppet

A witch approaches…

4 Puppet

“Children, would  you like to visit my gingerbread house?”5 Puppet 6 Puppet

Here’s hoping the puppets come back soon!

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