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Excited about the restoration in Swarthmore…

Here is the latest view of Hedgeleigh – Ezra Cresson’s former home.  The current owner was sitting on the lawn looking up at the home when I pulled over to take this shot, I can only imagine his excitement at the progress on this important project!

Another shot of Hedgeleigh

Check out my FaceBook page for an album of photos of Hedgeleigh over the years that was shared by Delaware County Pa History!


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Clue #2 in Our New Guess-the-Address Contest (11/2/13)!

Our new listing in Rutledge is almost ready!  While my sellers complete preparations, I’m teasing you all with clues.  (The first one is here!)

You know the drill: The first of you to guess the correct address of this home before it is announced on this site wins a one-year subscription to The Swarthmorean newspaper!

Next week’s kitchen photos will fill you with glee!

But for today… how pretty is this front yard tree?

To the right down the street, this is the view

(The sidewalk here may give you a clue!)

Rutledge is small, so join in the caper,

For a chance to win that one year Swarthmorean paper!

tree pic

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Our New Guess-the-Address Contest (11/2/13)!

I’m delighted to be marketing a new listing in historic Rutledge Borough!  I’ve already tweeted that this home has been lovingly renovated.

As my seller prepares the home for showings I will tease you all with clues!   I now have ten days before our first anticipated showing, so there is plenty of time for you to solve the mystery!

If you are the first to guess the address of this property before I reveal its identity on my site I will buy you a one year subscription to The Swarthmorean Newspaper!

Without further ado, here is your first clue:

Sidewalks span the tree-lined streets

The perfect setting for trick-or-treats!

Rutledge Borough, sweet and square,

Three Terraces run east-to-west there,

The north-to-south Avenues number four.

Now… Do you recognize this door?


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