Excited about the restoration in Swarthmore…

Here is the latest view of Hedgeleigh – Ezra Cresson’s former home.  The current owner was sitting on the lawn looking up at the home when I pulled over to take this shot, I can only imagine his excitement at the progress on this important project!

Another shot of Hedgeleigh

Check out my FaceBook page for an album of photos of Hedgeleigh over the years that was shared by Delaware County Pa History!


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2 responses to “Excited about the restoration in Swarthmore…

  1. Roxanne

    I have always, always, always wanted to see inside this house (strangely enough — *before* it gets all renovated).

    Do you think the new owner would be willing to let me see the house sometime?

    Roxanne Lucchesi
    Swarthmore College
    McCabe Library

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