Home for the Holidays 2013 & YPTW “The Aristocats” Pictures

2013 Home for the holidays kids running

The kids ran around an inadvertent tree maze before the town tree was lit! The Swarthmore Fire Company is selling these beautiful fresh trees to raise funds!

2013 Home for holidays kids running 2

The children agree that running around the trees is a good way to keep warm on a cold, wet night!

2013 Home for Holidays Marty

Marty “Mr. Swarthmore” Speigel plays the guitar as the singing begins.

2013 Home for Holidays Caroling

The town is led in a rousing chorus of “Jingle Bells”!

2013 Home for the holidays kids end

The children are called up to sing “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” into the microphone! The evening ended with a visit from Santa. Each child was presented with a candy cane. (It was too dark to take iPhone pictures by then!)

Earlier in the day, Young People’s Theatre Workshop presented “The Aristocats” musical!  My little helper and I were impressed with the large and talented cast, great choreography and direction!

Aristocats performane

The audience jumps to their feet and joins the cast in a reprise of the chorus!

Aristocats cast

Cast members pose for pictures with their fans!

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