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Rental in Media Borough coming…

At some point this weekend I will be sharing a charming flat in Media Borough with you!  To put us all in the mood I took a few pictures around the Borough today!  Only Media could seem this cheery in the rain!

Everybody's Hometown!

Everybody’s Hometown!

Rainy day in downtown Media...

Rainy day in downtown Media…

The picturesque plaza, perfect for sipping lattes from Seven Stones or perusing your purchases from Deals!

The picturesque plaza, perfect for sipping lattes from Seven Stones or perusing your purchases from Deals or Ten Thousand Villages!

Who doesn't love a Trader Joe's? Especially when it shares its digs with the castle-like PA Veterans Museum.

Who doesn’t love a Trader Joe’s? Especially when it shares its digs with the castle-like PA Veterans Museum.

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Welcome to Swarthmore!

This wonderful family became Swarthmoreans today! I'm so glad to welcome them home to Swarthmore!

This wonderful family became Swarthmoreans today! I’m so proud to welcome them home to Swarthmore! (They allowed me to share this photo from their visit to last year’s Swarthmore Charity Fun Fair! It puts me in the mood for this year’s celebration!)

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Why work with a Local Realtor?


This home on Springhaven Road in Wallingford sold with multiple offers. The winning bid was delivered by a local Realtor!

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Swarthmore Realtor as a Buyer Agent

In recent months our Wallingford – Swarthmore real estate inventory has thinned and buyer traffic has increased dramatically.  Most of the offers I have written/received on behalf of my clients in recent months have been the result of competing bids. I am glad to know the market well enough to advise clients in these situations!  Here are the top five reasons for using a Swarthmore realtor in a competitive environment:

5) Preparation: Local agents are aware of the market norms for contingencies, timeframes, etc.  My clients already have their mortgage pre-qualification in place before we begin home shopping. I can advise them on what constitutes a strong offer by local standards, and which terms can make their offer stand out, without costing them money. Preparation sometimes also consists of knowing about upcoming inventory before it hits the market.  Again, a local agent will be informed and that means you will be among the first to see new inventory – a distinct advantage in this kind of market.

4) Agent recognition: In most real estate markets, a handful of agents are doing the lion’s share of the business, and our area is no different. The seller of your dream house will be advised by their listing agent on the merits of each offer that is received. When you enlist the help of an ethical, high performing buyer agent, you ensure that your offer will be viewed with respect from the other side. Your buyer agent may also know the listing agent’s preferences, which can allow us to handcraft terms that will help you get your house.

3) Knowledge of the sellers: Although it is certainly possible in our tiny market that your buyer agent will literally know your sellers, I mean this in a broader sense!  As the owner of an older Swarthmore house myself, I know which things would concern me when selling my own house.  I can use this knowledge to help you craft an offer that will appeal to your Swarthmore seller.

2) Inventory analysis: Although any agent can search the MLS for similar properties that sold over the last year, a Swarthmore agent will have seen each of those homes and will be able to let you know if their location and condition were actually similar to the house you are considering.  The negative aspects of a home generally aren’t apparent from the marketing materials listed on the MLS! Knowing if anything truly similar was sold in the last year will help you determine whether there is likely to be another similar home on the market in the coming year. This information can help you decide how far you are willing to go to get a particular home under agreement.

1) Market Valuation: A dedicated local agent will know enough about recent sale prices and terms to help you understand the fair value of the home you are considering.  In multiple offer situations knowing the highest fair price is extremely important.  An agent who specializes will be able to help you determine a value ceiling.

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