Guess-the-Address Contest 5/7/15

I’ve just listed the most remarkable unit at the Strath Haven Condominiums! I absolutely cannot wait to tell you all about it. BUT the owners are preparing their already lovely home to be shown!

As you know, I like to pass the time with a Guess the Address contest. Since it would be incredibly easy for you to just guess unit numbers until you hit it I’m changing things up this time! I’ll give clues and info about the property. Your job is to share with me your favorite thing about the Strath Haven! Email me at and I will select a random winner to get a one year subscription (or renewal) of The Swarthmorean Newspaper!

STRATH HAVEN ------ CREEK --- side

The Strath Haven Inn, the Wildman Arms,

The valley (when Swarthmore was nothing but farms)!

Its purpose evolved as the times passed,

But the location’s beauty is unsurpassed.

The green of the bank and the curve of the creek,

The Clothier Bell Tower at the woods’ peak…

But soon it may have its best appellation,

When you call it “home” and make it your new station!

Tell me your favorite thing about life at the Strath Haven Condominiums to be entered into a drawing for a one year subscription (or renewal) to The Swarthmorean Newspaper!

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