A Day in the Life in Rutledge…

Rutledge Borough is a tiny municipality – just four blocks by four blocks – one square mile!  For historical info and population stats please visit!  This page is intended to illustrate what it might be like to live in Rutledge!

It’s a crisp, fall Friday morning and you’re walking to the Morton train station – an express stop just a block out of the Borough.  It’s an easy walk because the four blocks that make up Rutledge all have  sidewalks.  You wave to your neighbor, a professor who is biking over to nearby Swarthmore College.  Another neighbor is pushing a twin stroller to Triangle Park.  The park is home to a baseball field, basketball court, and playground.  It is sometimes the setting for a Borough-sponsored Family Movie Nights at the park, where everyone gathers with blankets and picnic baskets to enjoy a film and each other’s company.

Rutledge Borough is exclusively residential, so your walk is quiet  and because most of the homes are set on large lots, you admire the beautiful gardens along the way!  You pass the handsome stone Rutledge Community Center and Fire Station.  There are a convenience store and cafe just outside the borough around the corner from the train station where you can grab a cup of coffee!

This weekend you’re looking forward to the Rutledge Community Yard Sale!  The famous annual event is an opportunity to clear out your attic and pick up some books or toys for the family to enjoy during the upcoming winter evenings!  Neighbors take turns watching each other’s  tables so everyone can have a chance to barter and to mingle.  Families come from all over Delaware County to  hunt for treasures and walk through the picturesque town.  The Shade Tree Commission is raising funds to protect and restore the appearance of the lovely tree-lined streets for generations of Borough residents to come. Those shade trees keep the borough comfortable, even during summer events like the time-honored Rutledge Borough 4th of July Parade.

What are your favorite things about life in Rutledge?  Please share it!


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