Sold in 2013

A Sampling of Homes I Sold in 2013…


410 Thayer Road is a quintessential stone center hall colonial on one of the prettiest streets in Swarthmore


410 Thayer Road, Swarthmore

600 University Place, Swarthmore

315 Riverview Road, Swarthmore

535 Cornell Avenue, Swarthmore

315 Dickinson Avenue, Swarthmore

340 Haverford Place, Swarthmore

507 Harvard Avenue, Swarthmore

1 Drexel Road, Swarthmore

5 Oberlin Avenue, Swarthmore

401 Michigan Avenue, Swarthmore

123 Yale Square, Swarthmore

801 Yale Aveune, #1201, Swarthmore

801 Yale Avenue, #709, Swarthmore

801 Yale Avenue, #630, Swarthmore

801 Yale Avenue, #927, Swarthmore

801 Yale Avenue, #918, Swarthmore

504 Springhaven Road, Wallingford

211 Glendale Road, Wallingford

309 Henry Lane, Wallingford

312 Highland Avenue, Wallingford

604 E. Wiltshire Drive, Wallingford

700 Avondale Rd, #4E, Wallingford

Other Areas:

404 Meetinghouse Lane, Media

315 E. State Street, Media

358 N. Central Blvd, Broomall

623 Cresson Lane, Springfield

357 Hillside Road, Ridley Park

100 Tyler Avenue, Ridley Township

106 Morris Lane, Ridley Township

2 responses to “Sold in 2013

  1. Suz Jones

    Are these home sold by you personally, your agency or overall?

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