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The Big Renovation…Part 2!

As you know, our window is looking a little empty these days without the D. Patrick Welsh doll house!  Last week I posted about the window restoration Gassia was working on.

This week the home’s door frame and window sills were painted.  You can see the blue painter’s tape in the photo!

In our area keeping exterior and trim paint in good condition is extremely important for big houses too!  One concern is preserving the wood beneath the paint.  Another very important concern is the lead based paint which was used for a period of time in the middle of the century before recognizing the danger it poses if ingested or inhaled.  It is best to assume that any exterior or trim paint might have a layer of lead based paint underneath.  Therefore paint should be maintained in good condition and not allowed to chip or peel (which could possibly expose lead layers beneath).  A good rule of thumb is that painted exterior surfaces should be repainted every 8 to 10 years.  Of course certain kinds of weather exposure might mean that repainting needs to be done sooner!  Painting a smooth, well-maintained surface requires less preparation than painting a surface that needs scraping and prep.  So taking care of your painted surfaces before they need it can save you money and of course help keep your home looking its best!

Tune in again to learn about repairs to the doll house’s charming cedar shake roof!

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