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What’s it like to be a Realtor?

The highs, the lows, the creamy middles…what a rock & roll lifestyle!  This morning as I got up after an appointment that lasted until almost midnight last night, I casually thought about what life might be like if I had a “regular” job.  You know, the kind where you are paid a regular salary and work regular hours.  The kind of job where you have happy-go-lucky colleagues instead of kind but tired clients, struggling under the stress of a once or twice in a lifetime upheaval…

Here are difficulties of being a Realtor:

Financial risk: This is the obvious difficulty! Realtors are not paid until their clients buy or sell a home.  Quite often we dedicate months or years of evenings and weekends – missed soccer games and family reunions- for clients who never end up moving after all.

Long hours: Lots of people tell me that I’m lucky because my job is flexible.  The actual truth is that I need to BE flexible and available whenever clients need me – which means I might be gone night and day for two weeks and suddenly spend a lonely Thursday with absolutely nothing to do!

Emotional toll:  The real estate profession is more like matchmaking or social work than it is like sales.  Who among us can really afford what we want?  Buying a home requires compromises no matter the price range.  And selling in the era of HGTV can make sellers want to pull their hair out – not to mention the loss on most investments made in the last few years.  Any Realtor who is truly putting their clients’ best interests first is going to feel the pain right along with them and question every step of the process. (Yes, my clients, I do sit up nights strategizing on your behalf – and my poor husband has to listen to me pace long after he would like to be asleep!!! 🙂 )

Here are the wonderful perks:

The People:  I have the good fortune not only to see my clients under moments of great stress but also to note that in even the most dire circumstances, over and over again they show their kindness and determination to do the right thing.  My faith in humanity is renewed often in this wonderful business!

The Reminders of Success: There is no feeling better than a really happy customer who has made a major life change and come out on the other side feeling confident that they made all the right moves. I have the privilege of seeing families in my community every day who are here in part because of my help!

The Amazing Houses: Yes, in two weeks I will be at the beginning of my tenth year as a full-time Realtor and, shallow as it is,  I STILL adore going to see houses! We live in an area with a wealth of home styles and it is a pleasure to explore them all!

The Lack of  a Cubicle: Okay, so this is not me boasting about my beautiful new corner office with two windows (thank you, Judith Cadigan, for bequeathing it to me in your retirement!) This is really about the fact that no two days are the same!  When is the last time you climbed a ladder or learned something new about cave crickets or radon gas?  How often do you learn oddities about tax laws or discover boundary disputes older than the houses?  I love that I spend most of my time out and about and that there is something new to learn in every transaction!

So… I have finished my cup of coffee and once again, I can’t really imagine any other job!!! Bring on the late nights – I’m a Realtor – I can handle it!!!

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Marty Snyder of AES Environmental prepares to inspect a home

Home inspections are very important, but did you know that other inspections are often helpful in determining whether the home you are buying might have defects?  In addition to a home inspection and a termite inspection we typically recommend a radon inspection when purchasing a house.  Your home inspector may also recommend environmental testing (pictured is Murray Snyder, of AES Environmental), a roof inspection, or evaluation by an HVAC, electrician, or other professional.  When budgeting for inspections it is best to assume that the total cost of inspections for a house that is up to 2,500 square feet in size may be about $1,000 and then add another $500 for each additional 1,000sft of house.  If extremely specialized inspections are required the cost may be even higher.  However, the peace of mind of having as thorough as possible a knowledge of the real estate you are about to invest in is invaluable!

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D. Patrick Welsh is Officially a Mac-Friendly Work Environment!

Our tech guru spent most of the day at 16 Park Avenue today installing a new printer/scanner that will be more easily compatible with the Mac laptops many Welsh agents love to sport! It was funny to see the collection of silver apple-backed laptops lined up next to each other in preparation for the printer testing!

As most people know, Mac technology is great for things like building websites (like this one) editing photographs and creating marketing pieces!  It is gratifying to see our little boutique embracing superior technology to serve our clientele! Thank you, Dave!

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