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Why Choose a Swarthmore Realtor?

I was talking with a new client recently about why it is important to have a local realtor!  Here are some of the reasons  you should be working with a Swarthmore Realtor:

We are a very convenient little community, with lots of shops, playing fields, parks, train tracks, and schools connected by some obviously busy streets and some arteries that look quiet but can be quite heavily traveled at certain times of day or year.  Each of these conveniences contributes its own beauty, noise, traffic, and various gradations of property value credits or demerits to the homes around it.  A Swarthmore Realtor will be aware of all the specific location facets of various properties and help you use them to obtain the most value from your transaction!

We are a community that likes to waltz!  What does that mean?  We love our town!  So many of our residents step to the 1-2-3 or the “Swarthmore Shuffle” moving from smaller homes in town, up to larger homes in town, back to smaller homes or condominiums in town over the years rather than changing communities.  This means that when you decide to sell your Swarthmore home, your best potential buyer may be someone already living in  Swarthmore and exquisitely aware of the value gradations mentioned above (even if you weren’t when you bought the property)!

We are a town with older housing stock!  Having a Realtor on your team with contacts to contractors and inspectors who are attuned to the potential defects and special qualities peculiar to older homes can help you better understand your Swarthmore house and provide invaluable input in the negotiation process as you buy or sell!

We are a town with a long memory!  For example:  The section of Rt. 476 “The Blue Route” that goes through Wallingford (the town next to Swarthmore) opened in 1991 after epic battles with Swarthmore College and many of its famous alum as well as regular citizens who did not want the college and town to lose its pastoral aspect.  The highway has been providing convenient access to the Main Line and 95 for more than 20 years now and certainly adding to our property values.  BUT many Swarthmoreans are STILL as offended about the noise we can hear from certain parts of town as though someone had snuck the highway in last night! Even the faintest ocean-like whisper of it overheard in a backyard at rush hour is referred to indignantly as “blue route noise”!  Would you expect a sound you can barely hear to have a possible effect on your property value?

If you are considering moving to or within Swarthmore please feel free to give me a call for more information!  I would be very proud to use my local expertise to add value to your transaction!

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